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Hamilton Certified Inspection

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Making sure there is a good Foundation under your next investment!

We will check it all inside and out, top to bottom!

Our History and What We Do

Hamiltons Certified Inspections provides residential home/property/termite inspections. We have been inspecting homes in the community since May 2011. We take the time to walk you thru the property and explain the issues found and the functions of different components. After that we will email you a detailed report with pictures of the property that was inspected.

What We Inspect

*Driveway/Walkway *Grading *Vegetation *Deck/Stairs *Siding *Windows * Doors

*Roof *Gutters *Flashing *Foundation *HVAC *Water Heater *Plumbing *Electrical *Gas

*Attic *Garage *Kitchen *Bathrooms *Bedrooms *Laundry *Interior Areas *Pool

We offer an Uncertified and a Certified Termite inspection.